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Scurvy and Insights Research

I. Intel recently ran an internal marketing conference, where a research firm shared with us a dozen or so technology trends, each with potential to “disrupt” our business. To narrow down discussion about these trends, we were asked to “vote” on which of these trends we thought were most important. And then we could focus […]

Commensuration, xkcd

Frequency counts.

Selfishness, finance, and the 'greatest trade ever'

I just finished reading Gregory Zuckerman’s new book The Greatest Trade Ever: The behind the scenes story of how John Paulson defied Wall Street and made financial history. The story is about how JP, a relatively staid merger expert, became intensely bearish on the housing market in 2004. He took a $2 billion in assets […]

brand timeline

I sometimes imagine doing an exercise where students would write down in a journal all the advertisements they see in a 24hr time-span. Every single one, including logos, brands, commercials, street signs. Anything bigger than an identifying mark for a store or object, anything that aims towards informing you about the company behind the object […]

Museums as value-chargers

I have not worked out the distinctions between value and values, or the separate spheres arguments of Zelizer as it fits more generally into economic sociology – efforts to bend her work to my frameworks don’t generally work, and it’s a failure of my frameworking. Still, this excerpt from Kopytoff seems incredibly insightful to me: […]

The problem with Hulu…

…has nothing to do with their fight with iTunes. It’s that there’s virtually nothing they’re showing that I want to see. Their shows suck.