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Peter Levin – since 1995

That’s right, man. I designed and built this site in 1995, and that baby is still up on the USC internet. And it probably will continue to be up there until the end of time. Also, yes, that’s right, I did both the yellow circle image and the tight-roping stick figure. And the tiling, I […]

businesses & social networking

After struggling with the internet over the course two decades for self-determination, businesses have decided that their best bet is to toss in (careful, that’s a .pdf) with Twitter and Facebook. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? (that last one is a .pdf)


I just want to let you know that if you are not using dropbox, you are making your life harder than it needs to be. This program has now saved my bacon at least thrice, and it is the most awesome kind of working cloud program – it is smart, so you can be dumb. […]

my social media strategy

Sure, this is more appropriate for my twitter account, but part of my social media strategy is to keep my Twitter followers under 15, and to post there only once a month or so…

Performativ…stupidity, ATP Oil & Gas edition

From Felix Salmon (whose blog is so good it makes me not want to write anything, just point a big finger at him) comes a story that pops up from time to time. Usually it is some kind of technical snafu, when a trader sits on the keyboard or accidentally keys in a sell rather […]

Capitalist capture, objectivity, and blogs

I would suggest that ‘objective journalism’ has always been something of an overstatement, an aspiration rather than a set of workable practices. Like ‘objective science’, there are – at minimum – choices of what to study and how to study them. Objective journalism has become something of a farce in the 21st century death-by-a-thousand-cuts age […]

Domain hosting

I’m just shouting out that I love my internet hosting service, Hosting Matters. If you ever decide to host your own domain, give me a shout out, and apparently I can get you a decent deal (and possibly get a referral credit). But I would recommend them anyhow. If you hate your current service or […]

High frequency trading, markets, exchanges

Three thoughtful posts from Martha, Daniel, and Yuval comment on the NYT article about Goldman Sachs’ high-speed trading unit. The rather critical article suggests that high-speed trading is the latest way to exploit innovation at the expense of everyone else, to the tune of $21 Billion in 2008. This issue is not new as such, […]

more aggrevaluation

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Speaking of reviews and recommendations

In another frame of mind, I would say that some crowd-sourced reviews do make me happy. ‘Skip S’ reviews Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion on iTunes: Okay. Imagine sitting back in the day with none other than the Buddha himself. The two of you are discussing life, love, and various other zen things. Then, all […]