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Sum sum summertime

Summertime is when the Galia Melons are in season: If you haven’t been doing it already, you should be taking this opportunity to eat your favorite melons, stone fruits, or fresh figs, brie & prosciutto. Eat watermelon! Save the apples and oranges for October and December. Live in the hot.


I just want to let you know that if you are not using dropbox, you are making your life harder than it needs to be. This program has now saved my bacon at least thrice, and it is the most awesome kind of working cloud program – it is smart, so you can be dumb. […]

WTF journalism

Internet blah blah blah killing newspapers blah blah blah standards of journalism blah blah decline of democracy. Seriously, I read this NYT article on the defeat of the Small-business bill by Senate Republicans via filibuster twice, and I’m still trying to figure it out. Republicans filibustered it because they weren’t allowed to offer as many […]

love it

Things I love today, or at least appreciate today. I’m feeling a little out of place and time, a common feature of my wife’s being out of town. Suddenly I’m working at 1am, up until 3am. So I’m looking for a little groundedness and goodness: A good story, well told. You should read Patrick Rothfuss’ […]

Mucking about with themes

For most people this means nothing. And for the small number of people who actually come to the site, it will probably look funny for a while. That magazine theme was becoming insufferable.

Financial planning

Just in case you haven’t had the experience, there is nothing quite like a conversation with a financial planner to remind you just how inadequate your financial habits are. If Americans retain a bit of ‘I dunno, I kinda hope so, everything’ll probably work out ok’ about retirement, who can blame us? I mean we […]

August news

So, when August comes around, I try to spend a month on a news diet. No politics, no news, nothing. A couple years ago, I came back to find that Russia invaded Georgia. Usually, I just miss the Olympics. This year, I suspect I’ll just miss out on a ton of freaked out Democrats, outraged […]

Capitalist capture, objectivity, and blogs

I would suggest that ‘objective journalism’ has always been something of an overstatement, an aspiration rather than a set of workable practices. Like ‘objective science’, there are – at minimum – choices of what to study and how to study them. Objective journalism has become something of a farce in the 21st century death-by-a-thousand-cuts age […]

woot!, Amazon, and the CEO letter

Ok, if any administrative letter you’ve received can top this one, I want to come work where you work.

'under the surface'

I find this post on data visualization insightful in a way that connects deeply to how I think about the world. But also because I have never ever (consciously) noticed before the ‘arrow’ in the FedEx logo.