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Scotus on healthcare law

Well ok, to the extent that I meant by this that the Supreme Court would overturn the ACA, I was 100% wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Just to acknowledge this publicly. Maybe I’ll revisit this as we know more about the reasoning (I meant in some other sense that the ‘legal reasoning’ was BS compared to political/business […]

Military budget cutting

Shorter Bruce Bartlett: Yes, military spending is government spending. Yes, it makes no sense to spend on military to the exclusion of other things. Let’s keep doing it anyhow. Maybe we can improve some roads as a side-benefit. I love that we have basically begun treating the modern Republican party like silly, angry toddlers. Yes, […]

Yes we can; no we can’t

I thought these two articles, written a week apart, are kind of amazing. Here’s the NYT on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is in his (hopefully?) last term as mayor: In a speech on Wednesday in Singapore, where he received a prize for urban sustainability, Mr. Bloomberg spoke about the difficulties of leading a city […]

w/r/t the Supreme Court

I would say, as I have said again and again, that they don’t give a shit about the law. The best way to explain the Supreme Court is to start with the politics, and assume that they can make up any old shit that sounds plausibly legalistic in order to defend their ideological positions. People […]

This is not a ‘clash’ of rights

I have no patience for religious nutjobs who hide their discrimination behind religious doctrine. And a big screw you to Mayor Bloomberg, who could have taken the opportunity to say that treating women as less-than-equal people is wrong, but instead simply said that it was inappropriate on a ‘public’ bus. The clash is not between […]

Filed without comment, student exam edition

“As demonstrated by the protagonists in The Big Short, the collapse of the housing market was not inevitable. The entire system of mortgage and lending was based on completely unstable foundations, but investors were too blind with greed to notice. They could have learned from the LTCM debacle 10 years prior that commensuration of risk […]

Ahh, politics

You fucking moron, Democrats are doing poorly because the economy is in the shitter. Full stop.

since I'm not posting anything useful

I may as well continue to post Mad Men stuff. Here’s a behind the scenes look at Mad Men, where you can see how surreal it looks when Apple products are sent into the Wayback machine. Also, Peter Campbell is a total cutey.

League of Discussion Awesomeness

I’ve been reading Karen Pryor’s Don’t Shoot the Dog, about positive reinforcement and dog people training. I’m going to try out a new thing for my class this fall, what I am calling the League of Discussion Awesomeness. One of my biggest issues is how to balance discussion and lecture, and more specifically (given the […]

businesses & social networking

After struggling with the internet over the course two decades for self-determination, businesses have decided that their best bet is to toss in (careful, that’s a .pdf) with Twitter and Facebook. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? (that last one is a .pdf)