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Two years old, and still my favorite

There are many Healy-isms, but my favorite remains the coda to his Setup interview: But even if TextMate 2 drops from the sky fully-formed and marveled at by all, Emacs will still be there, waiting. It will be there when the icecaps melt and the cities drown, when humanity destroys itself in fire and zombies, […]

A note to aspiring sociologists

You are going to need to know some stuff. One of those things is the distinction between topical questions and sociological questions. I do not have the final word on this by any means, but it is something that every sociologist gets and accommodates herself/himself to at some point, or else ends up feeling frustration […]

Blog clean re-install

Well, due to lack of attention and some sort of code bloat over the years, I’ve been noticing a dramatic increase of attempted/sort of hacks and spam and otherwise bad-natured ugliness happening to the blog. So I’m going to erase the entire directory and try a clean install. Hopefully comments, posts, users, etc. will all […]


I suspect that most people read this thing through rss, so it won’t matter much, but I’ve redesigned the RM site. Nothing’s perfect, but I’m trying to make it interesting… e.g., the front page is pretty different, and the rest is hopefully more read-friendly.

site weirdness

I’m updating the template over the next few days, so if your feed does weird things, I apologize in advance. See ya on the other side of it.

Some notes on productivity

A colleague asked me to suggest some work productivity tips, and I thought perhaps I could share more widely. Ok, work prod. This stuff gets to be a little bit of an actual substitution for actually, you know, getting your work done, so careful not to let this happen to you. Also, you could probably […]

Nuts, bolts: blogging

I’m providing a little back-end information, for whom it may be helpful. I’m in a ‘what’s your process’ kind of mind lately, so if you’re in it for the straight-up socio-marketartechno-academicology, you can skip right by. I host this blog on my own site, as opposed to my university’s or through wordpress. The upside is […]