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Charlatan or Guru

A friend asked my opinion about Clotaire Rapaille, whose firm Archetype Discoveries Worldwide promises to “discover the hidden cultural forces that pre-organize the way people behave toward a product, service or concept.” In particular, my friend asked to what extent would I guess this is the work of a charlatan or a guru. You can […]

Pimpin’ your blog

These two posts (this one and that one) arrived simultaneously in my news reader today. Ok, so if you are getting paid by Seth Godin or his publisher, or website host provider, or whomever, to provide authentic synergy, or thought leadership, or influencer powerjuice, could you at least provide a bit more differentiation. I mean, […]

Gifting, fantasy, games

We have an ongoing joke in our household about products, marketing, websites, ideas, that purport to be their user’s fantasies, but are actually a brand or product manager’s fantasy. For instance, in an otherwise wonderful application that I use all the time and do in fact love, the new 1password for iPhone has a ‘demo […]