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Money men in the third sector, part one

My partner and I have been talking a lot about non-profits of late, and some of the thinking about expertise that came out of these discussions is possibly worth sharing (at least to the extent that anything really is on the intertubes). I want to give credit to partner without assigning blame for my viewpoint. […]

Local sociologist makes good

When Duncan Watts headed off to Yahoo!, I thought, well sure, that makes sense. But now I read that Joel Podolny is heading off from Yale management school to head up Apple University, and I’m wondering if we’ll be seeing a shift from sociologists heading off to management schools to sociologists heading off to corporate […]

An Opportunity to learn about Performativity

This would be an interesting opportunity for someone who would like to learn, network, discuss: From Bodies to Black-Scholes: A Two-day Workshop on Performativity and the Social Studies of Finance Organized by Daniel Beunza (Columbia U.) and Yuval Millo (LSE) Columbia Business School, New York, 28-29 April 2008 The Social Studies of Finance (SSF) is […]

A fix for b-schools?

I don’t have much to add to this post by Grant McCracken, other to say that you could do worse than reading the whole thing.