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Welcome back, Ze Frank

“Let me think about the people who I care about the most, and how when they fail, or disappoint me, I still love them, I still give them chances, and I still see the best in them. Let me extend that generosity to myself.” Feeling this lately. Welcome back to the show. Er, A Show.

Daily is no longer the daily

For some reason, the main daily page seems to get quite a few hits – a legacy of the old site, I think. In any event, the daily is no longer the daily, it’s just the whole thing.

A shout out to Jen Lena

Jen does her thing over at What is the What?, and since then we’ve been having completely interesting discussions about innovation, music, art, markets, and the creative use of data. And in 99.9% of the cases, she knows more about music than you and I do. But I bet she doesn’t know about this.

I predict…

…that Fabio Rojas will hedge on his prediction before the final tally is in.

Performativity…in Kid Nation

So I’m minding my own business, watching the debut of Kid Nation last night. Fun premise, I thought, stick 40 kids in a desert town and watch as they tear themselves apart, Lord of the Flies style. Or make a better world. Or whatever. But boy was I turned off by the way they structure […]

What counts in market accounting?

An article in the NYT a few days back brought back one of those nagging little questions that gets at the heart of economic sociology. The article is about balance sheets in the new economy – the question is, how should we account for intangibles? Reputation, value of brand, environmental friendliness, IT investment, innovation, the […]

When Information Markets Should Work

Information markets are all the rage. You can dip your feet in the waters with this article by James Surowiecki, whose Wisdom of Crowds has catapulted the idea into the public imagination. Robert Hanson has done lots of work here as well, and his fingerprints are on the FutureMAP project. Crookedtimber has had a number […]

Organizational chaos

Is there anything worse that today’s airline travel, from a customer service point of view? I realize that this is a form of transportation that has gotten incredibly cheap, logistics are complex, competition is cutthroat. And yet. Our flight from New York to Chicago – which has to be one of the most common routes […]

Why energy markets are a hotbed for black box trading

Is it because energy futures have unique risk-qualities? That there is something special about historical relationships of risk in these markets? That they attract a particular brand of quant. trader? Um, well, yes and no. From Futures Industry Magazine: Energy is one of the hottest areas for algorithmic futures trading right now. Especially for the […]

Culture and markets

I’m working on a paper on culture and economic sociology – a sort-of review article of how culture gets used in the field. My main argument is that the field has until most recently been effectively split in its use of culture. Some markets have culture, while other markets are culture. The former, particularly in […]