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Fight crotchety with awesomeness

I’m feeling a little like all I do is complain round here. This site on the impossible cool is 99% awesomeness. Does that help to offset some of my crotchety-ness?

Valuing art, performativity style

One of the more interesting notions in the social studies of finance over the past decade has been the idea of performativity. Discussions about the concept abound, both online and off – (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)….and the list goes on. I’m only pointing at a very few of the pieces. In art, the […]


Awards should definitely be given out those who are willing & able to connect Michael Jackson’s death to their own personal research perspective / business idea / hobby horse. Kudos.

Money men in the third sector, part one

My partner and I have been talking a lot about non-profits of late, and some of the thinking about expertise that came out of these discussions is possibly worth sharing (at least to the extent that anything really is on the intertubes). I want to give credit to partner without assigning blame for my viewpoint. […]

Frankie Manning

Frankie Manning died yesterday, April 27th. He was a month shy of his 95th birthday. There were (and are) celebrations planned, which will now become memorials. My partner and I started taking swing lessons a good 7-8 years ago, and we’ve probably taken a few workshops a year since then. We go dancing occasionally (a […]

I know the future

It’s true. Partner and I saw This American Life, simulcast at a movie theater from NYU. The show will air in a couple weeks, I think. The theme was “Return to the Scene of the Crime”, and the highlights (IMHO) were Dan Savage’s tear-inducing story about his lapsed Catholicism, and Joss Whedon’s performance of a […]

more aggrevaluation

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Speaking of reviews and recommendations

In another frame of mind, I would say that some crowd-sourced reviews do make me happy. ‘Skip S’ reviews Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion on iTunes: Okay. Imagine sitting back in the day with none other than the Buddha himself. The two of you are discussing life, love, and various other zen things. Then, all […]

Aggregation aggravation

It seems to me that one of the fundamental advances and problems with web 2.0 is that it poses expertise against aggregation. The ‘old’ system (and here I would say that these are overlapping, not coterminous ways of doing things) is one of expert reviews, or critics. You want to know what movie to see, […]


The world would be better if people made this salad more. It takes less than 5 minutes. Materials: a salad bowl and tongs for salad; a small-ish bowl, a small spoon, and a whisk for dressing Ingredients: (for the salad) a big bag of mixed green salad walnuts (toasted a few minutes in a dry […]