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Cookie tracking, versus big data sources

This WSJ article, as well as an article on Ars Technica about the increase in behavioral tracking, has me thinking about the future of using people’s data footprints on the web. By “data footprint,” I mean that puff of residual that’s left by user activities, whether they be cookies on a website, or requests for […]

Incrementalism, exploration, exploitation

A friend/colleague/friend tweeted this from an IBM ‘innovation discovery client briefing’, from IBM research in Switzerland: “Incrementalism is the enemy of innovation.” -Nick Negraponte Which, ok, part of Negraponte’s gig is to go to things like an IBM innovation discovery client briefing. Sounds nice. But the other part of this is the actual assertion. Is […]

Sorting algorithms

I love things like this, which quite simply demonstrate how to do something many people think they already know how to do. In this instance, it’s how to sort-by-ratings for the upteen number of sites which depend on user ratings to bubble things up to the top. And it’s not like these are unsophisticated sites […]