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Staff Economist

There is something wildly ironic about the fact that I’ve spent a good decade trying to convince sociologists that we don’t need to be ‘more like economists’ in order to do good work. And in my new role, all of my colleagues routinely refer to me as the economist on our team. One went so […]

Changing the world…but mostly not

A recent July 2013 article in the Guardian caught me eye (and no, not the incredibly depressing one about how the NSA continues to monitor massive swaths of the internet), about how a reporter is using Google Glass to cover protests in Istanbul, is worth a read. I especially liked the use of a quadrocopter, […]


Well, changes are certainly afoot. I’ve been deliberately quiet around these parts of late, but I’m going to be posting more often. Some of this is the normal fascinating sociology that you’ve come to expect, but there are more practical things that I’m working on as well. Life, it moves, it moves!

Survival of the fittest, music edition…

I love stories about how industries/organizations/people react to big changes in their worlds, but have you ever read an article and come away with a suspicion that people don’t really know anything? I know, I know, political punditry (and any article that starts, ‘What Obama needs to do is..’). Anyhow, I somehow felt this nagging […]