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unknown unknown unknowns

I had a couple of interesting discussions with hedge fun friends this past weekend, who are fairly concerned with the latest bit of bad news (incidentally, one noted that people who invest in funds that invest in funds are, in fancy financial terms, ‘morons’). More interesting was a bit of thought on how much risk […]

Privacy, data, and the new Sociometrics

As always, Technology Review provides a great glimpse at the innovations coming down the pike. In this case, by innovation, I mean the continued ascendancy of sociological insight wrapped up in physics, taken up by engineering, and brought forward as the ‘next big thing’: you can actually identify people’s social networking in real-time and help […]

The What – yet another post on unknown unknowns

Dave Egger’s last book is about one of the ‘lost boys’ of the Sudan, and its title is an inspiration: God, pleased with his greatest creation, offers the first Dinka man a choice of gifts: on the one hand, the cattle, visible and known, an animal that can feed and clothe him and last for […]