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What happens in August

Well, as I mentioned last month, I like to take a month a year off of looking at any news. And it’s always August, because the combination of nothing happening in August and the need/desire of news to keep people breathlessly interested, means that August is a time for swift boating, death panels, shocking fake-heartfelt […]

League of Discussion Awesomeness

I’ve been reading Karen Pryor’s Don’t Shoot the Dog, about positive reinforcement and dog people training. I’m going to try out a new thing for my class this fall, what I am calling the League of Discussion Awesomeness. One of my biggest issues is how to balance discussion and lecture, and more specifically (given the […]

Peggy rocks my world

You should be watching Mad Men.

businesses & social networking

After struggling with the internet over the course two decades for self-determination, businesses have decided that their best bet is to toss in (careful, that’s a .pdf) with Twitter and Facebook. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? (that last one is a .pdf)

Sum sum summertime

Summertime is when the Galia Melons are in season: If you haven’t been doing it already, you should be taking this opportunity to eat your favorite melons, stone fruits, or fresh figs, brie & prosciutto. Eat watermelon! Save the apples and oranges for October and December. Live in the hot.


I just want to let you know that if you are not using dropbox, you are making your life harder than it needs to be. This program has now saved my bacon at least thrice, and it is the most awesome kind of working cloud program – it is smart, so you can be dumb. […]

my social media strategy

Sure, this is more appropriate for my twitter account, but part of my social media strategy is to keep my Twitter followers under 15, and to post there only once a month or so…

WTF journalism

Internet blah blah blah killing newspapers blah blah blah standards of journalism blah blah decline of democracy. Seriously, I read this NYT article on the defeat of the Small-business bill by Senate Republicans via filibuster twice, and I’m still trying to figure it out. Republicans filibustered it because they weren’t allowed to offer as many […]

taking up room on the dance floor

Ok, this is some pretty good looking stuff. Loving the dude with the white shirt. (via J Kottke.

love it

Things I love today, or at least appreciate today. I’m feeling a little out of place and time, a common feature of my wife’s being out of town. Suddenly I’m working at 1am, up until 3am. So I’m looking for a little groundedness and goodness: A good story, well told. You should read Patrick Rothfuss’ […]