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Blog clean re-install

Well, due to lack of attention and some sort of code bloat over the years, I’ve been noticing a dramatic increase of attempted/sort of hacks and spam and otherwise bad-natured ugliness happening to the blog. So I’m going to erase the entire directory and try a clean install. Hopefully comments, posts, users, etc. will all […]

Filed without comment, student exam edition

“As demonstrated by the protagonists in The Big Short, the collapse of the housing market was not inevitable. The entire system of mortgage and lending was based on completely unstable foundations, but investors were too blind with greed to notice. They could have learned from the LTCM debacle 10 years prior that commensuration of risk […]

Lateral thinking and business intelligence, pt. 1

If you have a couple of hours to spare, there are far worse things you can do than to watch the 10-part D&D extravaganza, Acquisitions Incorporated (pt one is here. First, it will raise your nerd cred so high you won’t ever be forgiven by your spouse/students/friends who ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you […]

Dave Eggers, deep sea writing, and lemonade

Two things about this old interview from March strike me as worth more attention. The first is the role of technology and its pernicious effects on long-form writing: He thinks it’s possible that his huge appetite for work – for juggling a publishing company with philanthropy and writing – comes from a sense of how […]

Why are some organizations so much better than others?

I have in mind retail stores at the moment, but it seems like this is a basic question with no great answer. We should have an answer, though. In New York City, these stores are Fairway Market, B&H Photo, Jack Rabbit Sports. Abt Electronics and Appliances, in Glenview, outside Chicago, is the same way. I […]

Comparables, value, housing

Interesting article from the Washington Post (although the fact that it was written by an attorney and a history professor on the opinion pages make me wonder how they know what the decision-making process was behind the scenes). The crux of the story is that a couple had trouble purchasing a round house, because the […]

Ahh, politics

You fucking moron, Democrats are doing poorly because the economy is in the shitter. Full stop.

Inside Job

The movie you should see this season is Inside Job. It is a documentary about the 2008 financial crisis, examining its causes, the mechanisms by which it was perpetrated, the apologists and academic architects, and the after-effects. The press kit (a .pdf) is worth examining, here is the NYT review, here is Felix Salmon’s take. […]

since I'm not posting anything useful

I may as well continue to post Mad Men stuff. Here’s a behind the scenes look at Mad Men, where you can see how surreal it looks when Apple products are sent into the Wayback machine. Also, Peter Campbell is a total cutey.

Peter Levin – since 1995

That’s right, man. I designed and built this site in 1995, and that baby is still up on the USC internet. And it probably will continue to be up there until the end of time. Also, yes, that’s right, I did both the yellow circle image and the tight-roping stick figure. And the tiling, I […]