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You know, with complaints about how email pulls context out of conversations, I’m delighted to report that the Netflix insta-support manages to convey perky perky perky…And for what it’s worth, I suppose I’m beginning to internalize some good user experience language!

Netflix Customer Service

You are now chatting with: Catherine

Netflix Catherine: Hey there! Thanks for chatting into Netflix, I’m Catherine. How may I help you today?

You: I would like to turn off autoplay, I use a roku player. Is there a way to do this?

Netflix Catherine: Just to clarify, Are you talking about the post play? (which asks you to continue watching after a couple episodes)

You: yes

Netflix Catherine: Ah ok thanks for clarifying that! I can certainly check out if we have an option to turn it off. Before I dig into this, May I ask who I am chatting with today?

You: Erica [ed note: we use my wife’s netflix acct.]

Netflix Catherine: Very nice to meet you Erica! Give me a quick sec to look that up for you

Netflix Catherine: Hey Erica, I was able to find out some info for you! So it doesn’t look like we have the option to turn off post play just yet. But the good news is by popular demand they are coming out with that option in the near future!

Netflix Catherine: We received a lot of feedback from out customers and it does look like a lot of folks are looking to be able to turn it off. So we are going to make it happen .

You: Ok, great. Let’s not call it ‘good news’ and ‘popular demand’ that you made an absurdly obnoxious feature and didn’t make it optional. But I am glad that that terrible design decision is going to be fixed!

You: Thank you for looking it up, I’m not upset with you, it is just a bad user experience.

Netflix Catherine: AH okay, I totally understand. I know that some people do like it, but i also know it’s not for everyone Erica. So you will be seeing that option soon enough.

Netflix Catherine: Was there anything else I could help you out with today Erica?

You: No thank you. I appreciate your assistance.

Netflix Catherine: You’re welcome! I’m glad you chatted in about this so I could shed a little info on our plans for this post play feature. I hope you have a lovely night & a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂 And one more thing, if you wouldn’t mind, please stay online for a one question survey.

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