Pimpin’ your blog

These two posts (this one and that one) arrived simultaneously in my news reader today.

Ok, so if you are getting paid by Seth Godin or his publisher, or website host provider, or whomever, to provide authentic synergy, or thought leadership, or influencer powerjuice, could you at least provide a bit more differentiation.

I mean, SwissMiss at least gave us an ‘Amen’ and a semi-disclosure (the short was made possible by..) that she’s being paid to promote Seth’s new book. The book for which he has already kind of distorted Kickstarter, in my humble opinion. Or as Tom Ewing noted, “Sorry, people with huge established fanbases using Kickstarter isn’t brave, experimental, unorthodox etc.” (ht JL, naturally).

Anyhow, not a major point, that ‘influential’ bloggers are using their platforms to promote stuff and get paid for it, just a note to myself to stop following quite so many of these influencing thought-leaders in the new year.

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