Two years old, and still my favorite

There are many Healy-isms, but my favorite remains the coda to his Setup interview:

But even if TextMate 2 drops from the sky fully-formed and marveled at by all, Emacs will still be there, waiting. It will be there when the icecaps melt and the cities drown, when humanity destroys itself in fire and zombies, when the roaches finally achieve sentience, take over, and begin using computers themselves – at which point its various Ctrl-Meta key-chords will seem not merely satisfyingly ergonomic for the typical arthropod, but also direct evidence for the universe’s Intelligent Design by some six-legged, multi-jointed God.

I am determined to start learning R for my own personal development, inching me towards this Emacs-zany crowd. I know that if ever I arrived there, Kieran will be waiting with wry smile and dry wit. Or maybe Rye and dry martini.

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