Monthly Archives: October 2011

This is not a ‘clash’ of rights

I have no patience for religious nutjobs who hide their discrimination behind religious doctrine. And a big screw you to Mayor Bloomberg, who could have taken the opportunity to say that treating women as less-than-equal people is wrong, but instead simply said that it was inappropriate on a ‘public’ bus. The clash is not between […]

Michael Chabon on the 70s

We are crippled in so many ways today by the desire to avoid fashion mistakes, to elude ridicule – a desire that leads at one extreme to the smiling elisions of political candidates and on the other to the awful tyranny of cool – that this willingness to be foolish is hard for us to […]

The problem with Per Se; conventions and uniqueness

There is a glowing review of Per Se in the New York Times today, declaring it the best restaurant in New York City. I went there, and I agree: the food was incredible, the service impeccable, the experience indelible. The challenge, I think, is that food at that kind of restaurant, particularly if you are […]