What happens in August

Well, as I mentioned last month, I like to take a month a year off of looking at any news. And it’s always August, because the combination of nothing happening in August and the need/desire of news to keep people breathlessly interested, means that August is a time for swift boating, death panels, shocking fake-heartfelt accusations of America-hating, etc. I guessed last month that:

This year, I suspect I’ll just miss out on a ton of freaked out Democrats, outraged racially-tinged Republican attacks, based-on-whatever-this-second’s-data-almost-says prognostications about markets, breathlessly reported Sarah Palin tweet-farts, and the like

And so I come back, and find that nothing in the world has changed. Earthquakes, floods, miners trapped. This is expected, and tragic. I am surprised to see so little about the BP Oil Spill, which was the MOST IMPORTANT THING before I signed off the newswagon. And of course I am surprised and unsurprised by the mosque-thing. That squeaked past my news embargo. It is exactly what I mean by nothing happens in August. And now apparently Democrats are doooooooooooomed!1!! But the truth is, nothing has really changed since early summer though, so I think that’s a little overblown as well. I guess we shall see.

I did catch the Cee-Lo song, courtesy of WITW, natch. Anything else I missed?

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