love it

Things I love today, or at least appreciate today. I’m feeling a little out of place and time, a common feature of my wife’s being out of town. Suddenly I’m working at 1am, up until 3am. So I’m looking for a little groundedness and goodness:

  • A good story, well told. You should read Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind. And read Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games series. Oh, and the first 20 minutes of Up. Boy, every time I see that I laugh, and cry.
  • Anachronistic hobbies. Mine include writing letters (and sometimes writing them on my Hermes Featherweight typewriter!), baking bread, and listening to big band music (and sometimes even dancing a little Lindy Hop). But by all means, cultivate some orchids, do jigsaw puzzles (and if you love, love, love me, buy me a Stave puzzle), paint model airplanes, build a Wimshurst Machine.
  • Stevie Wonder’s I Believe (When I Fall in Love).
  • That moment when you realize that your friends are doing something specifically because they want to help you. And accepting that help in the spirit in which it is given.
  • Unbridled enthusiasm. Find something at which you can direct some non-ironic, genuine passion. With full-on gusto.
  • Singing out loud, preferably with a group.
  • My wife. Never thought I would be in a long-term relationship, much less married. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the experience (see Enthusiasm, unbridled).
  • Mondays. I love Mondays, with its whiff of blank page and anticipation. I know, I know, Fridays (Eddie from Ohio’s Blue Jeans makes the case). But I still love me some Mondays.
  • Structure. Agency is for psychologists, economists, and suckers. Give me structure any day.

What do you love?

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