The downgrading of UPS

We love our UPS driver, Frank. Since we moved to NYC, while most services that we dealt with were kind of a hassle, our UPS service was wonderful. I was thinking this all week, especially with the extra holiday traffic. UPS does its shit well.

But this past week I went to change a delivery date, since I knew I wasn’t going to be around when the package would be delivered. And UPS now is charging $4 online (or $6 to talk to a friendly customer service person!) to have them delay delivery for one day. Apparently, this new fee kicked in sometime in July of this year.

Ticky-tack fees for your customers make money for companies, but it is the biggest for-shit customer service ploy you can pull. So today I want to officially mark the day when UPS went from being a wonderful customer experience to being one step closer to the airline industry. For $4. Kudos to you, fucking UPS. Kudos to you.

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