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Brainstorm away

Happy brain stretching!

Objective Value in Markets

I have written about the experiment going on at Significant Objects before. They buy things at garage sales and thrift stores, make up stories about the objects, and then sell these objects on eBay, with the stories attached as the objects’ descriptions. The premise is that “the object should — according to our hypothesis — […]

Unusual stories

The most unusual part of this unusual story is not that a bee truck overturned and overwhelmed victims and emergency workers with bees. It’s that a similar accident occurred in 2006. WTF, Turkey?

Interdisciplinarity, yet again

Fabio, over at, suggets yet again that Sociology should be more like something else. I am genuinely mystified by these periodic forays into the dissing of the discipline, and my take is generally that: There is a small but persistent category of sociologists who always seem to want sociology to be more like some […]

What does it mean?

What does it mean when you start reading articles, posts, threads, and comments that look like the same exact articles, posts, threads, and comments that you already read 5 years ago? Same cited people, same trajectory of argument, same conclusions. It’s not plagiarism, it’s the re-invention of the wheel. Like undergraduates reading Marx for the […]


Well, IMHO they have to publicly levy the maximum fines, penalties, suspensions, scorn, shame, and derision on Serena (tirade! outburst!). Because it allows the officials to not have to admit that they substituted procedural rationality for substantive rationality in a) allowing a linesperson to call an at-best 1/16 inch footfault at 15-30 at 5-6 in […]

What I'm looking at

I am preparing for classes to begin, cleaning out files and cleaning up office. And I decided last-minute, with a cheap fare, to jump to Chicago for the weekend to attend a close friend’s annual party (which I’d never been to before and seemed like the kind of thing to do at least once). As […]