Can't control the Moon – Delta edition

I was scheduled to leave for SF today, and after I arrived at the airport and waited around a half hour or so, I was somewhat horrified to learn that my flight had been irreparably delayed. My choices? Fly to Cincinnati and take an early flight out from there, or fly out tomorrow morning. So back home I went.

A couple points here. First, air travel is broken (and though this was Delta, it has been others in the past). In addition to the $40-50 each way for the taxicab and the lost $150 from the pre-paid hotel night, I have effectively lost a day of my life to the goddesses of travel. We can talk about how ungrateful I am about this, but if it we started now, there’s no way we would build what we have built for ourselves today.

Second, I am trying harder in my life to take the things I can’t control a little easier. I am going to take out my frustrations on Delta, largely because when they have airplanes that don’t operate, they should have customers who vote to fly non-failing airlines. But that said, I went home, had a lovely dinner with my partner, and we discovered a better-than-decent pizza delivery place: Dean’s at 85th & Broadway. ASA will be there tomorrow, and hopefully, so will I.

What about you? Hanging in there, baby?

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