Netflix watch instantly starting to lose it, Hulu already gone…

Why do online movie viewing sites seem to trend towards crapitude? I thought the Roku player (which seamlessly streams Netflix to your TV) was about our best purchase of 2008. In mid-2009, we have watched many of the ‘best’ movies online already. And the latest 10 movies in the ‘new arrivals’?
1. Witch Hunt
2. Ballerina
3. Fraternity House
4. The Union: Business Behind Getting High
5. Sherman’s Way
6. Blindness
7. Step Brothers
8. Powder Blue
9. Miracle at St. Anna
10. A Room with a View

I love my Netflix, but what has happened here? Of these, there are possibly three that might be watchable, and 4 that seem to be real movies that were released in a theater. Add to this the fact that my online Netflix queue contains 88 movies that are even watchable and 27 movies that were in my list but then were pulled for assumed licensing reasons (Netflix doesn’t say this explicitly, because when you give the nice ‘fuck you’ to customers, you don’t want to be transparent about it. Yes, by all means we should blame the studios. Yes, it’s the equivalent of yelling at waiters because their managers understaff them. But it is experienced as a Netflix problem (and an iTunes problem, no doubt about it – I just don’t use them).

This is all an order of magnitude better than Hulu, which has about 1 in 10 movies that you would even recognize as movies. A full 90% are such classics as “Heart Of Geauxld: The Story Of The 2007 LSU Fighting Tigers” and “Robot Holocaust.” Really, Really? Really.

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