I know the future

It’s true. Partner and I saw This American Life, simulcast at a movie theater from NYU. The show will air in a couple weeks, I think. The theme was “Return to the Scene of the Crime”, and the highlights (IMHO) were Dan Savage’s tear-inducing story about his lapsed Catholicism, and Joss Whedon’s performance of a musical number (naturally titled “Commentary! The Musical!) written as a simultaneous commentary track to the musical Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog and as a takedown to the whole commentary track genre. Hard to explain, hilarious to hear.

(NSFW bonus material – What probably won’t make it to the audio show: vintage video clip of Ira Glass’ now-passed-away mother saying to Dan Savage “a woman’s largest sex organ is between her ears!” and Savage coming back with “Yeah, how do you get your dick in there?”)

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