Speaking of reviews and recommendations

In another frame of mind, I would say that some crowd-sourced reviews do make me happy. ‘Skip S’ reviews Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion on iTunes:

Okay. Imagine sitting back in the day with none other than the Buddha himself. The two of you are discussing life, love, and various other zen things. Then, all of a sudden a man approaches you both offering some fresh Indian rice. When the rice is finished cooking, you realize, “Oh my lord. I forgot my soy-sauce back in the future!” The Buddha tells you to calm down and he smiles and reaches into his woven napsack and pulls out his own personal bottle. You graciously accept his gift, and soon enough your stomach is full of a delicious medly of flavors and such. You lean back, completely content. A wide smile stretches across your face.

That’s what this album is like.

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