Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens

These are a few of my favorite things, mostly 2008:

Drop Box, a ‘cloud’ storage site. On a Mac it looks just like any other folder, except it syncs across whatever computers you happen to use. Combine it with the uber-paranoia program TrueCrypt, and you can create an incredibly secure way to share files across the web.

Bloons Tower Defense 3. Time-waster. I can do gold on almost every level except that last one…hrmph.

Sigur Rios’ Gobbledigook. NSFW video, love the song, reminds you what it is like to be mid-20s (even if, like me, you never actually pranced in woods).

Jen and my two (1, 2) vlog attempts. They’re amateurish, but fun to do and I’m a little proud of both.

The Money Meltdown and This American Life’s The Giant Pool of Money. Fabuloso attempts to understand the great financial crisis of 2007-

(the former) Bear Stearns’ Everquest Financial IPO. This is the ballsiest and most dishonest attempt to fuck the public in order to get out of its own subprime mess that I’ve ever seen. They created a shell company, dumped their worst assets into it, then tried to go public and sell it to investors. Failed IPO, failed company, Epic FAIL. (here’s the SEC filing). Be sure to check out the section on ‘risk factors’ starting on p. 17: “Our financial performance is sensitive to changes in overall economic conditions and may affect our ability to pay dividends on our shares.” Bwaaahahahaahahaha. “We own primarily ABS CDOs and CLOs. Our ABS CDOs hold primarily RMBS and to a lesser extent CMBS, synthetic asset-backed securities and other asset-backed securities. A downturn in overall economic conditions could lead to an increase in the default rates of residential or commercial mortgages, which would have a negative effect on the quality of the assets collateralizing these securities” Hooohohooooooowahahahahah….(whew, gotta stop laughing, starting to hurt). These assholes should not be bankrupt. They should be in jail.

Ina Garten’s Rosemary Cashews.

The amazingly fun to see Sartorialist blog, fashion and style without irony.

Blueprint. Grid-based CSS design.

Canada! (well, the song, not the video).

Patrick Winston’s How to Speak, in 13 parts.

The Superest, and XKCD.

And finally, Emergency Go Bags! We put together the urban bag, and it is like a small but significant part of my brain finally stopped holding its breath. If I can get my Flu Pre-pack together anytime soon, another part will probably do the same.

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