We need to talk

Yes, we. You. You and me. We need to talk.

First, thank you to those kind souls who donated to my donorschoose challenge. I’d still love for you to give if you have the resources to do so. But I really appreciate those who did, and I’m going to match the current donations up to $100.

More importantly, we need to rethink this blog a little. I’m not burnt out of blogging per se, but I need more interaction. As I’ve said elsewhere and in slightly different context, this is due to my tone, my choice of topics, my personality. It’s not you, it’s me. That said, I need to have something happen. I don’t know what. But there’s something weird about shouting into the void with an imaginary audience in mind. Maybe this means giving the site over to someone else for a while or for good, or having some other kind of format that encourages participation, or turning this back into a teaching tool useful for me but not to others, or making it just a professional website. But something.

And so I ask (though I worry about getting 0-1 responses), what would make you participate more? What would turn this from me lecturing into a conversation? What should I do with the site?

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