Rethinking donations

I am running a ‘challenge’ at Donors Choose, which is a non-profit devoted to providing public school teachers with resources.

My challenge is here. I’m asking people to donate $5, $10, more, whatever you can manage; and I’ve chosen projects that are about markets, art, and finance – well, to the extent that it’s possible for elementary school kids to do so…

I know most of the people who read this blog are lurkers, and I appreciate the attention and conversation from both active and passive readers – sometimes I receive emails instead of comments. I would really appreciate it if you could give any amount at all. Non-profits are facing a really challenging environment. And one of the casualties of the melt-down is almost inevitably going to be public schools.

So take a look. The organization is Donors Choose. And my ‘challenge’ is for Rethinking Markets.

Please consider making a small, in-between, or large donation. If not to my challenge, then to some project that sings to you.

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