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I remember when Get your War On was a comic, but now it’s a Cartoon!.

Just a little more politics

I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff. I would add that if you’re not reading five thirty-eight’s on the road series, you are missing out.

I don't usually like Halloweeny things, but I do usually like 80s things


What to do with a Republican family?

My politics are my late grandmother’s, who was born in 1917, saw her father lose most everything in the Depression, saw most of her extended relatives get killed in the Holocaust, and who obsessively watched TV news, shouting at the insanity of the world. That is, pretty Democratic. My siblings, on the other hand, are […]

public baselining – stock market and CAPM

One of the truly underappreciated effects of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is that it created a “whole market” baseline against which really large numbers of people began benchmarking returns. And the historical returns of the US stock market has been around 10% since 1929. So there is a massive amount of expectations-generation around […]

Local sociologist makes good

When Duncan Watts headed off to Yahoo!, I thought, well sure, that makes sense. But now I read that Joel Podolny is heading off from Yale management school to head up Apple University, and I’m wondering if we’ll be seeing a shift from sociologists heading off to management schools to sociologists heading off to corporate […]

This is only going to be funny to someone of a particular generation


What I like most are…

the keywords: Undecided Voters; Presidential Campaigns; 2008 Election; Airplane Food; Mothers; Presidents; Humphrey, Hubert

Impatience with the morons

Say what you will about Nassim Nicholas Taleb, he has little patience for economists. I like how the interviewer keeps trying to be evenhanded, even as he kind of hijacks the interview. He has a personality about which it is hard to be indifferent. My uncle told me that while reading his book (The Black […]

Bose knows customer service

There’s an organizational story about how one little screw makes or breaks the machine, but this is not that. Instead, this post is a shout-out to Bose. Last year, darling partner went hog-wild and got me a pair of noise-canceling headphones. And the cord that connects the headphones to my music device of choice (classic […]