Monthly Archives: September 2008

Market meltdown, and there is blame to go around

*update: I did not mean to include JPMorgan in my list of independent broker-dealers. They are already JPMorgan Chase. With the imminent demise of Lehman and the purchase of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America this weekend, you might be asking yourself, “What in the world?” Well, let’s say a few things first about the […]

Takashi Murakami and Burned Art

Jennifer Lena and I have a new video up, a continuation of our conversation about the relationship between cultural value and monetary value. We’re talking about devaluation, specifically burned art – in the high art and pop art worlds. And we’re circling around a discussion of spheres/circuits/arenas of value. Burned Art and Murakami from Peter […]

Why didn't this work?

Remember the KLF? Sure you do. British? 80s-90s? Hrm. Well, they created a foundation for promotion of avant garde arts, and as part of this they burned a million quid of their own money. Here is the documentary, in 6 parts. The burning is in part 2: part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 […]

Human eror or cmoputer error?

Another story today about the relationship between technology and human discretion. Apparently, Google picked up an old story that was undated on the internet (really from 2002), and re-posted it as a story from today: that United Airlines was headed for immanent bankruptcy. Wanna see what happens when people suddenly think that you are a […]

Effects of Markets 2.0

In markets 2.0, I refer to the data that is generated as part of normal market transactions. The 2.0 references web 2.0, where the ‘social data’ generated by web interactions and transactions has acquired a kind of life of its own. I make no super-special claims that markets now are wholly different from markets in […]

Small world

A student today asked me if I knew Brayden King. Another asked me if I knew Shamus Khan. For the most part, I would say, if the person is in economic sociology or organizations, possibly culture or gender as well, I probably have met them at some conference, know them personally, or at least know […]

$10 bill

When the bidding for the $10 reached $20, I got a little edgy. When it reached $40, I stopped the auction. Today is the first day of class, and in recent iterations, I have done an exercise where I auction off a real $10 bill. The auction has a lore at Kellogg, and it has […]