Reading on financial crisis, etc.

I passed this along to a colleague, but I wanted to put it in one place. When I want to read about what’s what in econ&finance (as opposed to orgs, culture, and sociology), I tend to go to these places:

Infectious Greed is Paul Kedrosky’s blog on tech+finance, and good about directing stuff.

Dani Rodrik, who is a professor of Intl Political Econ at Harvard, is consistently smart. Smart smart smart.

Brad DeLong is a professor of Econ at Berkeley, liberal and good, definitely within the econ world.

Noriel Roubini’s blog/site is the RGE Monitor, it and probably requires some work to get access – it is part free, part subscription. He’s incredibly thorough and hard-core. He’s pretty pessimistic, definitely a forecaster of economic life.

Brad Setser actually used to be with the RGE Monitor as well as being a stand-along blog, and he rocks the house. He is now at the center for geoeconomic relations at the council on foreign relations knows what’s shit and what’s shinola.

The various blogs at Wilmott are good, variably updated. They are in the quant finance world.

And of course, Daniel Beunza, Martha Poon, and Yuval Millo (and occasionally the talented Zsuzsanna Vargha) blog at Socializing Finance, which is sociological with a performativity inclination.

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