Geek rap

There is joy in just geeking it out sometimes, and this is right in the middle of it.

On a somewhat tangential but not unrelated note, saw American Teen this weekend. It is a good movie, and there are some scenes of such heart-breaking teen-ness that you want to just lose it. For those who have seen it, the post-Erica scene of her eating lunch is crushing.

We were struck by the fact that the ‘geek’ turned out well post-movie, and despite the framing actually went out with a few girls while in his element. Oh, and the ‘princess’ was awesome, not in the now-colloquial sense of great or cool or good, but in the more historical sense of inspiring awe. But apparently, she’s really matured a lot. A LOT.

FYI, I was closest to Mitch in HS, though not quite as cool or heart-throbby. I had too much inner geek.

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