PAL Happiness Index

What would go into the Peter Happiness Index (PHI)?

weather (temp+humidity+rain+sunshine quotient)
day of the week (Monday= -1; Tues-Thurs= 0; Fri-Sat= +1; Sun= 0)
amount of work accomplished (three-day moving average of some kind of productivity index)
relationship status (arguments, romance, etc. as dummies, or perhaps a 7-point scale)
work to-do list
home to-do list
recent wider-world communications (recently caught up with friends, family)
days since last vacation/days to next vacation
personal finances (stock market + real estate market proxy)
health (days since last workout, sickness level, current weight, 4-week weight changes)
hobby activities (days engaged in/since last)
cultural consumption (good songs heard / movies seen / TV watched / clubs gone to / high culture)

What am I missing? I’m going to try to put this index together and see if it has face validity…

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