Movie Night

Welp, had a movie night last night, and the highlights, lowlights, and, well, lights, were as follows:
– the dessert was good. Nutella semi-freddo (thanks JL), crepes, strawberries, bananas, sweetened ricotta, cinnamon graham crackers, vanilla marshmallows, dark chocolate. All good.
– the savory crepes were decent. I only had one (carmalized onion, sauteed mushroom, swiss cheese), and it was delicious. Other fillings were ham, asparagus, grilled zucchini and squash, spinach.
– the salad was not good. It should have been good, but it was gritty. Ouch. Top chef wouldn’t have served it. Next time, wash wash wash wash the lettuce.

And the movie, The Player holds up surprisingly well. With apologies to everyone I didn’t get to talk to that much because I was running about, I thought it went pretty ok.

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