Monthly Archives: June 2008

How about this…

The Associated Press, following criticism from bloggers over an AP assertion of copyright, plans to meet this week with a bloggers’ group to help form guidelines under which AP news stories could be quoted online. Jim Kennedy, the AP’s director of strategic planning, said Monday that he planned to meet Thursday with Robert Cox, president […]

Movie Night

Welp, had a movie night last night, and the highlights, lowlights, and, well, lights, were as follows: – the dessert was good. Nutella semi-freddo (thanks JL), crepes, strawberries, bananas, sweetened ricotta, cinnamon graham crackers, vanilla marshmallows, dark chocolate. All good. – the savory crepes were decent. I only had one (carmalized onion, sauteed mushroom, swiss […]

All hail our new Culture Section Overlords

Just in from my culture section listserv: Dear Colleagues, I’m pleased to announce the official results of our Culture Section elections: Chair-Elect Karen Cerulo, Rutgers University Council Member David Grazian, University of Pennsylvania Eiko Ikegami, New School for Social Research Secretary – Treasurer Jennifer Lena, Vanderbilt University Student Representative Stacie F. Furia, University of California […]

On the job market?

First of all, Barnard has a late-junior to early-associate position, in urban sociology. Let me know if you know someone who might be appropriate. More generally, if you are a graduate student on the job market, here is some advice for you: – Now, today, as soon as you can, make appointments with faculty in […]

Masters King, Rojas, Healy, Lizardo, Felin

I loves me some Orgtheory. Although my work most prominently overlaps with Brayden’s and Kieran’s (Brayden and I disagree enough on theoretical orientation and substance while agreeing on much else, to make it interesting), the site is a combination of latest-greatest published work, thoughtful social science insights to current events, and how to get through […]

Master Uggen

I sure do love me some Chris Uggen. In addition to a rather expansive blogroll to launch from, he gives a mix of personal, popular, scholarly, and inside-baseball-y posts that I can not reproduce. My blog tends to be my early thinking, sometimes applied to contemporary news, with some more rambly stuff in between. His, […]

Lurk much?

If you do, and you live in NYC, you might be interested in joining me and a couple other sociology blogger types for lunch on Thursday. Email me for the details – plevin {at} barnard {dot} edu. Might be fun.

Anchoring, art-style

At the Tate Modern, there are a number of paintings by Pablo Picasso. Ten are currently on display (well, as of last week, this obviously changes). Interestingly, however, there is no room where you can see ‘the Picasso paintings’ in one place. Contrast this with the room of Gerhard Richter’s, or the gallery of Rothkos. […]