For me, moderating this blog is not a problem. There’s something like a dozen people who have commented, most of whom I knew or know, not a really wide readership, certainly not a wide commentariat. But at BoingBoing, one of the larger readerships on the net (at least blog-wise), the hijacking of comments by morons, wackos, and trolls eventually resulted in their disappearance.

Enter Teresa Nielsen Hayden, an editor at Tor and co-curator of the magnificent Making Light. She took on the job of community moderator for boingboing some months ago.

As a result, you get aggressive disemvowelling (pllng th vwls frm nnyng cmmntrs) and, every once in a while, a gorgeous anti- or at least skeptico-authoritarian smackdown. It’s long, about the TSA, and worth seeing how it’s done.

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