When art production and consumption disconnect

I was speaking about context with a colleague, specifically about Gbenga Akinnagbe, who plays Chris on the Wire (he’s on the left), but also plays Jimmy in the Savages. I was remarking about how scary he looks in the Wire. But this is quite possibly about me, I think, and the belief that more black=more scary (although you can decide for yourself: here he is, on the far left in the Wire, and here is his gallery at IMDB). But he is scarier looking in the Wire by design, and I also think it’s possible that Chris, Snoop, and Marlo (the main baddies in season 4) collectively scared me more than the Barksdale/Bell crew from the earlier seasons because of their ‘you think it’s one thing, but it ain’t, it’s the other thing’ approach to violence.

In any event, none of this compares to Mitt Romney doing impromptu rap.

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