Monthly Archives: October 2007

The problem with Hulu…

…has nothing to do with their fight with iTunes. It’s that there’s virtually nothing they’re showing that I want to see. Their shows suck.

Why exchanges shift from open outcry to electronic trading

An article in the NYT on the shift away from open outcry today, which gets it right and gets it wrong. The right part is that the shift and merger of the CME and CBOT onto a single floor located at the CBOT spells the end for open outcry. It’s a natural transition point, and […]

Markets and visualization

Daniel’s discussion of visualization is interesting, and it’s something I’ve had on my mind since reading Tad Williams’ Otherland series (the mysterious Mr. Sellars has a virtual garden that provides the GUI in an astoundingly complex virtual environment). I think Daniel conflates two separate issues. The context is that market visualizations continue to be conservative, […]

art, bodies, remains, morality, value

There is so much to find interesting in this article on a debate in France over whether or not to return a mummified, tattooed, Maori head. The argument is whether the head should be considered ‘human remains’ and returned as “an act of ‘atonement’ for colonial-era trafficking in human remains,” or an artifact that qualifies […]

Radiohead as Rorschach test

It seems that Radiohead’s experiment into paying what you what for a digital download of their new album Rainbows. For anti-DRM activists, it’s the end of music labels. For skeptics, it’s just a demo teaser marketing scam designed to get you to buy their ‘real’ CD for more money. For market-is-everything economists, it’s an exercise […]