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Improbable and Devastating Events

Yuval Millo has an interesting post, with regard to Nassim Taleb’s argument about the rarity of events, compared to the effects they have on an organization. The discussion is about risk management, but I think there’s something wrong about it.

Financial Fluency

Invited to speak for a group of alumnae on financial fluency and art prices, I was trying to think about some ideas on commensuration and categorization. Clealry not as helpful as the woman who talked about how much to set aside in liquid and marketable assets, but not unhelpful, I hope. The argument is that […]

NYAS quantitative finance seminar

I was cajoled by Anthony Townsend to join the New York Academy of Sciences, and to meet him for a seminar on quantitative finance held there on May 16th. There were two speakers and a discussant, for a discussion about the relative value of behavioral finance and neo-classical finance. Terrance Odean took the former position, […]

Banksy, value, art

Yeah, this is pretty amusing..

Game-changing technology

A post at Orgtheory got me thinking about how to address the ‘new-new’ in organizations. As TF notes, the ‘question to answer ratio’ is rather high. I had some thoughts on when a technology goes from being a ‘shallow’ change to being a ‘deep’ change.

K-Marx Capital and Pollution

Ok, this is just a chance to see how tables might work for data. This comes from the EPA, our 1999 attempt to clean the air via markets: 1999 Title IV Spot Auction Winners Bidder’s Name Quantity % of Total Allowances Amount Paid American Electric Power 74,424 49.61% $15,100,733.20 Cinergy Services, Inc. 30,000 20.00% $6,466,050.00 […]

EPA’s Title IV, 2007 results

The results of the 2007 annual EPA auction are in, with the spot allowance for a ton of SO2 coming in at $433.25. Kudos to the Washington College Student Environmental Alliance, who paid a whopping $1120 for their 1 allowance! Costly way to take a ton out of the environment – common, but is it […]

Quotes v. Trades

One of the interesting things about the shift to electronic trading is the proliferation of quotes against the number of trades actually transacted. Futures Industry Magazine picked this up in summer 2006 in a Tech Talk article. Black-box trading, which is a catch-all phrase encompassing automated trading systems and other triggered trading systems, seems to […]