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I suspect that most people read this thing through rss, so it won’t matter much, but I’ve redesigned the RM site. Nothing’s perfect, but I’m trying to make it interesting… e.g., the front page is pretty different, and the rest is hopefully more read-friendly.

taken out

Can we just dispense once and for all the euphemism ‘take out’, with regard to military action? Armies don’t ‘take out’ people or infrastructure, they kill people and destroy infrastructure. If we or our allies are going to do things like this, let’s at least own up to what it actually is.

site weirdness

I’m updating the template over the next few days, so if your feed does weird things, I apologize in advance. See ya on the other side of it.

Valuation of Warrants

From the CBO’s June update on TARP funds (that’s a .pdf): The market value of outstanding warrants held by the Treasury is around $6 billion, CBO estimates.14 Of the total, about $1 billion is from warrants issued by the 10 banks that recently repaid their TARP funds. However, those calculations are sensitive to the assumptions […]

on cultural and political change reporting in NYT

I’m not an expert on political change. But this article in the NYT claiming that “even as cultural acceptance of homosexuality increases across the country, the politics of gay rights remains full of crosscurrents” strikes me as insane, for two reason. First, that someone could be short-sighted enough to think that a decade of change, […]

wtf, Burger King?

Cap and Trade irony

I love that when Cap & Trade was introduced in the 1990s, Democrats and environmentalists derided it as putting a price on the environment and capitulating to business. Republicans pushed it as a market-based solution to a social problem. Now, Democrats and environmentalists embrace C&T as the greenest thing around (well, other than structurally-similar carbon […]

Goldman Sachs is corrupt

Looks like Goldman Sachs is going to be making record bonus payments on the year. Let’s take a stroll, shall we?: Under then-head Jon Corzine (the soon-to-be-ex-governor of NJ), Goldman fucked over LTCM when they were going bankrupt in the late-1990s. From Roger Lowenstein’s When Genius Failed: “In Greenwich, Goldman’s sleuths, who had the run […]

just words – Iranian election

Interesting to note that once you claim to be holding an ‘election’, or that your country is a ‘democracy’, it makes it possible to put you on the hook for things you wouldn’t normally want to be on the hook for. So, Iran is now making ‘reluctant concessions’ with regard to the farce of election […]

Shameful administration stance on finance pay

This article doesn’t make clear enough the fact that ALL major Wall Street banks continue to have billions of dollars of federal assistance. Set the pay for giving money to AIG but not for Goldman Sachs, despite the fact that the money went directly from AIG to Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs books profits because their […]