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What criticism with knowledge looks like

I complained last week that Duncan Watts’ editorial was an argument without much substance, effectively an argument based on deep knowledge of networks but shallow knowledge of markets. At the end of last week, James K. Galbraith testified for the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology. And it was pretty awesome. First, it was […]

Valuing art, performativity style

One of the more interesting notions in the social studies of finance over the past decade has been the idea of performativity. Discussions about the concept abound, both online and off – (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)….and the list goes on. I’m only pointing at a very few of the pieces. In art, the […]

When you have a hammer, all the world's a nail – network edition

I’ve read a few times the editorial by my former colleague Duncan Watts, and despite some interesting discussion, I can’t help thinking that this is a guy who knows a lot about networks and not so much about financial markets. The article is about the problem of size and complexity in financial services organizations. Watts […]

Banks, TARP, Treasuries

This week, we find out that 10 banks are returning TARP money. Or more specifically, 10 banks are repaying $68.3 billion in federal bailout money. This does not mean that these banks are freeing themselves from the yoke of government (only, says the snark in me, it allows them to pay themselves obscene amounts of […]

Money men in the third sector, part one

My partner and I have been talking a lot about non-profits of late, and some of the thinking about expertise that came out of these discussions is possibly worth sharing (at least to the extent that anything really is on the intertubes). I want to give credit to partner without assigning blame for my viewpoint. […]

25 things – thing 2

On the subject of memory again, I am afraid of needles. Needles of all kinds, but shots and blood-drawing in particular. Apparently, I was fine with shots until about the age of six. But while it’s tempting to attribute to my mother’s passing (doctors! trauma! death!), here I think it is not the case at […]

25 things – thing 1

A few month ago, a meme went around on Facebook to say 25 things about yourself. I thought it might be interesting to do them a bit more fleshed out than the FB venue allows for. I might not get to 25, I might do more. Thing One: my mom died when I was 6 […]

The rise of futures trading, part who knows what

The financial crisis has made it appear as though futures markets have been humming along famously and unproblematically until the past few years, when credit default swaps and esoteric derivatives made the otherwise functional system toxic. And this may be. But let’s not pretend that futures markets were always just hedging mechanisms with an added […]