As part of NewsFree August, I thought I would include some tech-y tips. If it’s not your cup of tea, here are some cute pandas playing on a slide. Ahh, torrent. Remember back in the day, when people told you that everything in the world is on Usenet? Actually it still is. But let’s leave […]

That dance I taught you

We have a running joke in our household about movies with arbitrarily and implausibly choreographed dance scenes. It’s from the 1999 classic She’s All That, when Usher DJ’s the prom: ‘Right about now we’re gonna do that dance I taught you! And I know you’ve been practicing!’ This crops up everywhere, once you start looking […]


Per an earlier post, cookies have been made. They look like this: Go ahead and look at it full-sized. You know you wanna.


In the only news worth following this month, Curiosity has landed on Mars. If you think this is an easy thing,

Go read A Working Library!

Day 2 of my month-long news blackout, and I’ve already typed ‘nyti..’ into my browser bar a couple of times. Slowwwwly, steaaadddy..FWIW I’m cross-posting this, but I’ve got a couple of non-overlapping communities running, so I’m going to keep it that way for now. Disclosure, Jonah Lehrer, blah blah, etc. How we got to a […]

The Croton Reservoir

From the Bryant Park website: In 1686, the area now known as Bryant Park was designated public property by New York Colonial Governor Thomas Dongan. After being routed by the British in the Battle of Long Island, at the start of the Revolutionary War, General Washington’s troops raced across the site. In 1807, the grid […]

A month of Awesome

I often take the month of August off, news-wise. In recognition that nothing important ever happens in August, and that this is the month that gives us Swift-boating, death panels, the Olympics, etc., I just need a break from consuming news. Instead, I intend to make this a month of awesome. It will posts on […]

25 things – thing 3

It’s been a while since I’ve done any things about me. A friend reminds me to move forward! By the time I graduated from college, I did not know how to cook at all. This is something of a sad state of affairs, considering that my mother cooked amazingly and consistently throughout my adolescence. In […]

Help on memory of a long-lost post

A while back (could be years, actually), there was a compelling post on how blogs were supposed to be varied, but end up showing same things. There was a good metaphor using peaks and valleys, how blogs end up looking peak to peak, but still so much ends up being hidden. Does anyone recall anything […]

Scotus on healthcare law

Well ok, to the extent that I meant by this that the Supreme Court would overturn the ACA, I was 100% wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Just to acknowledge this publicly. Maybe I’ll revisit this as we know more about the reasoning (I meant in some other sense that the ‘legal reasoning’ was BS compared to political/business […]