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I feel like this sometimes

What I'm reading, and what I'm going to be reading

Aside from non-fiction related to work, I’m reading some fiction. Currently, I am (like a gajillion others) loving The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and I am now on the second in the series. The original title of the first one is Men who Hate Women, and that sure applies. I’m also looking forward to […]

Taking Back

I haven’t published much on the blog of late, and since the semester is over, I am taking it back. You’ll hear from me, not my students, and the pace of things should pick up quite soon. Although the pace of things could not slow down much more than it has already, so it’s a […]

HP computers are racist

Don’t be afraid of black people, HP. (via Waxy)

Now that's a lurker

Congratulations, Jessie and Buck. More evidence that this column will persist even as the American Era comes to a sweet, languorous end.

The downgrading of UPS

We love our UPS driver, Frank. Since we moved to NYC, while most services that we dealt with were kind of a hassle, our UPS service was wonderful. I was thinking this all week, especially with the extra holiday traffic. UPS does its shit well. But this past week I went to change a delivery […]

Thanksgiving Wrap-up – the good, the bad, and the prison toilet

Another Thanksgiving in the books, and this year there is lots to be thankful for. And not: The flights. Generally ok, though we got caught by Thanksgiving rush/weather craziness over Charlotte, NC (we left on Thurs at dawn, due to insane price-gouging on Wed-Sun airline ticket pricing). Apparently, it was nice up the entire Eastern […]

Pitch perfect comedy

I don’t always love 30 Rock, but this week’s episode hit exactly the perfect New York spot (apologies in advance for the advertisement): [sorry, hulu just does not play nice embedded] For people who don’t live in NYC, the joke is about Alec Baldwin having bedbugs and finding himself an outcast, finally reduced to asking […]

If you're going to do hip hop at the White House…

Awesome tribute to our first Secretary of the Treasury. Compares favorably to 99 Problems but a Bitch ain’t One: Geek rap is so sexy. h/t James Fallows.

Supernatural collective nouns

The Stoakes-Whibley Natural Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns. I can’t decide if I like better a vexation of zombies or an itself of Yahwehs. Or a percussion of giants. Or a nervousness of AIs. Delightful, delightful, delightful.