Technology rules everything around me

My new organization has a thing, which is that everything has a technological solution. When you have a hammer, etc. This leads to sometimes funny situations:

Me: It seems like we create new problems by introducing technology, then we come up with clever technologies to solve those problems.

Co-worker: Oh?

Me: Yeah, like those soda machines, the Coca Cola Freestyle. I obviously don’t know their overall strategy, and the machine probably solves a problem I don’t know about. But really, they are a pain to use. What was wrong with the thing where you just plunked your cup under a soda and pushed?

So then we come along and say, what if we added voice recognition to them! Like, you’d go up to the machine and be all, ‘Diet coke with raspberry, machine, pronto!’ So we created this whole new super-complicated technology to fix a problem that technology created!

Co-worker: You know, voice recognition for the soda machine would be awesome!


  • You don’t say? You work for a technology company where people think technology solves everything? Wait, I think I’ve had that experience before….

  • My comment is “awaiting moderation”???

    Feel free to delete if not professional enough. Seriously, no offense taken. Don’t let me drag you into the depths of the indecorous.

  • Sorry, too much spammo. We can’t have nice things on the internets..

    Imagine Dr. D with an engineering degree :0

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