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Valuing art, performativity style

One of the more interesting notions in the social studies of finance over the past decade has been the idea of performativity. Discussions about the concept abound, both online and off – (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)….and the list goes on. I’m only pointing at a very few of the pieces. In art, the […]

When you have a hammer, all the world's a nail – network edition

I’ve read a few times the editorial by my former colleague Duncan Watts, and despite some interesting discussion, I can’t help thinking that this is a guy who knows a lot about networks and not so much about financial markets. The article is about the problem of size and complexity in financial services organizations. Watts […]


Awards should definitely be given out those who are willing & able to connect Michael Jackson’s death to their own personal research perspective / business idea / hobby horse. Kudos.


I suspect that most people read this thing through rss, so it won’t matter much, but I’ve redesigned the RM site. Nothing’s perfect, but I’m trying to make it interesting… e.g., the front page is pretty different, and the rest is hopefully more read-friendly.

taken out

Can we just dispense once and for all the euphemism ‘take out’, with regard to military action? Armies don’t ‘take out’ people or infrastructure, they kill people and destroy infrastructure. If we or our allies are going to do things like this, let’s at least own up to what it actually is.

site weirdness

I’m updating the template over the next few days, so if your feed does weird things, I apologize in advance. See ya on the other side of it.