Monthly Archives: October 2008

We need to talk

Yes, we. You. You and me. We need to talk. First, thank you to those kind souls who donated to my donorschoose challenge. I’d still love for you to give if you have the resources to do so. But I really appreciate those who did, and I’m going to match the current donations up to […]

Liveblogging America's Next Top Model

9:02: I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Tonight I’m live-blogging America’s Next Top Model. As Tyra croons through the opening, ‘Wanna be on top?’ You bet I do. 9:04: breakfast with the models, pancakes, tofu with salad, a discussion of how controlling their parents are. Elina’s mom is Russian, and mom never […]

A little perspective

(As an aside to this post, I’m more than a little annoyed that not one dollar has been donated to on my behalf, which I wrote about here. And this is likely the last post until something happens on that front, which may mean that I’m done blogging altogether.) I was too young in […]

Rethinking donations

I am running a ‘challenge’ at Donors Choose, which is a non-profit devoted to providing public school teachers with resources. My challenge is here. I’m asking people to donate $5, $10, more, whatever you can manage; and I’ve chosen projects that are about markets, art, and finance – well, to the extent that it’s possible […]

Is there an underlying sociology to current financial markets?

There was a time when capital, financial, housing markets were distinct-but-related. Housing prices changed with changes in interest rates; the dot-com boom and bust created and lost jobs; the stock and bond markets moved in conjunction with these changes. But while related, they were pretty much distinct kinds of markets. This was true for a […]

getting the love

I’m watching the vp debate, and damn if we jews aren’t getting the bipartisan love.

OK, Freese…

…which one are you?