Monthly Archives: August 2008

Geek rap

There is joy in just geeking it out sometimes, and this is right in the middle of it. On a somewhat tangential but not unrelated note, saw American Teen this weekend. It is a good movie, and there are some scenes of such heart-breaking teen-ness that you want to just lose it. For those who […]

Dr. Davin, I'm calling you out

I want to see Pineapple Express. And I watched 3 hours of Pay-per-View Ultimate Fighting with you, so you owe me.

loving dr horrible

Doogie + Mal + Vi + musical = niice. I’m looking forward to more, and it only leeched 40 minutes from my life! Update[!]: Looking about, I find that Felicia Day also does The Guild, a few minutes of your time at a time, totally worth a subscription. The vlog is so medium cool.

Peter, meet Jennifer Lena

Apparently, I’m the pepper, at least in sociolo-blogo-circles. I met Jenn when someone pointed me to her blog, back at last year’s American Sociological Association meetings. Not long ago. I think we may try to do some video blogging sometime soon, if I can get my hardware/software act together…

Can I ask?

Does anyone really read my blog at my site? Or is it mostly RSS reader? I’ve been spending less time on Google Reader and more going to sites lately – I want to ‘slow down’ a bit, plus I have been trying to enjoy more the aesthetics of what is said as well as the […]

On Galenson

The New York Times printed an article today about David Galenson, and I have nothing really to add. Oh, wait, other than to say that: 1) Economists prey on disciplines with low self-esteem, and the fact that anyone in the art world would even bother with Galenson is evidence that art history, and the arts […]

I see dead people

Well, maybe not. But I feel like the most interesting and important long-term benefit of ‘doing’ sociology is the ability to look out into the world and see things that others have trouble seeing. That is, it makes the invisible visible. A case in point: a friend of mine has a downright logical state of […]