Monthly Archives: February 2008

I have seen the future…

…and it is the blissful taste of the Cara Cara Navel Orange. Also, there is a blog by Steven Jenkins, Fairway’s buyer. For all my complaining, there is quite a bit to say for living in Manhattan.

When art production and consumption disconnect

I was speaking about context with a colleague, specifically about Gbenga Akinnagbe, who plays Chris on the Wire (he’s on the left), but also plays Jimmy in the Savages. I was remarking about how scary he looks in the Wire. But this is quite possibly about me, I think, and the belief that more black=more […]

An Opportunity to learn about Performativity

This would be an interesting opportunity for someone who would like to learn, network, discuss: From Bodies to Black-Scholes: A Two-day Workshop on Performativity and the Social Studies of Finance Organized by Daniel Beunza (Columbia U.) and Yuval Millo (LSE) Columbia Business School, New York, 28-29 April 2008 The Social Studies of Finance (SSF) is […]

Critics, meet Markets

You may have missed the news that mass market games such as Guitar Hero and Wii Games are doing well against traditional video games such as Bioshock, Halo 3, and the Orange Box. But what you shouldn’t miss is the discussion about critics and art nestled pretty far into the article: …as video games become […]